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Who we are

Siteworks Connect is an independent multi-utility connection provider – your one stop solution for all utility connection requirements.

We are independent, so we can be flexible in our approach. We also work with all local networks, giving us the ability to deliver your works as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What we do

Whether it be a new connection, alteration, disconnection or meter installation, we offer a professional service with a focus on completing your project on budget and on time.

We look after each request from design through to completion providing a single point of contact throughout the process.

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Our services


New Supply Connection (including Sub Stations)

A new connection is a new service to the property, which may be a new build or an existing build where connections have been disconnected previously.

Whether it be a small single connection, commercial or industrial connection or a development with multiple services required, we can arrange for any public excavation, the laying of the service and the connection to the main. Once we have completed the service works, we can then arrange the installation of meters.

We can look at all types and sizes of connection, gain suitable points of connection from the relevant networks, generate a compliant design and issue a competitive quotation. From there we will deliver the works as quickly as we can, and update you on our progress throughout the process.


Supply upgrades and downgrades

A supply upgrade or downgrade is increasing or decreasing the capacity of an existing supply allowing you to use more at any given time.

We can increase or decrease the connection size of any existing connection and arrange the metering, as well as assist in notifying the relevant parties of the change in capacity on site. We can also assist with the metering works to ensure a full turnkey solution.
We will gain existing supply information, then establish a new suitable connection point. Finally, we will lay and connect your new supply, arrange for the metering and disconnect the existing supply.



An alteration is moving the location of a supply. Even if this is just for a couple of meters, the supply will usually need to be exposed and potentially relayed to change the position of the meter.

This can be carried out in conjunction with an upgrade or downgrade. We can also include for the existing meter to be moved as part of the works.
As with supply upgrades and downgrades, we will gain supply information and establish a connection point, before laying and connecting your new supply, arranging for the metering and disconnecting the existing supply.



A disconnection is simply disconnecting the existing supply from the main, meaning the supply from the point of disconnection is dead.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer temporary or permanent disconnections. We can arrange the disconnection of the meter and inform the relevant suppliers of the disconnection to ensure the registration side of the works is tied up.
We will look to remove the meters on site and then disconnect the service at our earliest opportunity.


Meter installations

Where a connection is already on site, we can arrange for the installation of a meter for both domestic plots and commercial premises.

This would involve sending an engineer to install the meter on site, who will then send confirmation of the installed meter, along with relevant flows, direct to the supplier to ensure the registration of the meter. The meters that are installed are ‘pulse enabled’, which means that smart/AMR devices can be installed on them.



If there is a development on land which has a mains running through it, and building work will be taking place nearby, the mains will likely have to be diverted if the building works cannot change location.

The moving of these mains is called a diversion. Depending on the works involved, this can be expensive to carry out.
We can assist in carrying out surveys of a development area to see if a diversion is required before issuing a report and designs. We can then make the relevant applications to the network so they can issue a design for the diversion. Then, we can issue a quote for the works and ensure that these are completed at the earliest opportunity.

Our four-step process

Our approach to supply installations, alterations and disconnections follows a simple four-step process. Here’s how our works are carried out:

1 Design

We will establish and/or check a relevant point of connection and create a comprehensive engineering solution or design suited to your requirements.

2 Quotation

We will then provide you with a competitive quotation for the works to be undertaken, with a clear view of any works included and what your responsibilities are.

3 Preparation

After a quote has been accepted, we will undertake all necessary checks and gain any permissions required for the works. We will also arrange site visits and provide you with any required information and schedules.

4 Completion

We will complete the works as quickly and efficiently as we can, and with minimal disruption.

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